At a time when intelligent mobility has excited automotive industry and data marketplace is becoming a ubiquitous, companies like Seeing Machine and Data Republic are taking a lead in Australia.

Seeing Machine:

Seeing Machine has impressed the automotive industry with its FOVIO system, which follows human movements while driving to prevent accidents and to promote smart driving. Their Driver Monitoring System studies the driver’s state to allow Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) a swift result based on what is happening, almost making the car the ‘co-driver’.

This has made it and its technology trustworthy in the eyes of many companies across different industries. For example, it boasts partnerships with companies like Caterpillar, Electro-Motive Diesel, Boeing, Bosch, LG, and Panasonic

In fact, it has come to light recently that FOVIO is slated for mass production by an unnamed German car giant by 2020, reiterating their strength as a provider of intelligent ‘driver-facing’ technology provider.

These partnerships paired with aggressive investment in research and development (R&D) and its operations spread in various regions, including Asia-Pacific and Middle East, is the reason why it is considered successful and a disruptive company consisting disruptive technologies.

Data Republic:

It has been long considered that “data is the new oil”. It can be traded by organizations who can use it as a resource to understand their customer base and market and enhance their businesses.

It has created the importance of a data marketplace, where such organizations can neatly exchange the data in a secure and safe environment.

Data Republica was one of the first startups in Australia to recognize the potential of such market and step up to provide its services across various verticals such as automotive, finance, insurance, and retail industries.

Nine Entertainment is the first major corporation who partnered with Data Republic in November 2016 to use its services. This alliance gave them access to 1,600 retail stores. In late October 2017, it became the New South Wales government’s supplier of data marketplace after it won the tender. NSW government will use its Senate platform, whence it can get a secure access to a variety of data in a single location. In this way, Data Republic, hence, has even become a part of the government’s digital transformation strategy.

This is not all there is to Data Republic, however. Investment of AUD 10.5 million from NAB, Westpac, and Qantas since 2016, is helping it expand its business to US and grow further.

With exciting projects and collaborations every year since its foundation, Data Republic can be expected to capitalise on the increasing demand for valuable customer data and its interpretation as well as create more disruption in the Australian tech market.

Sachi Mulmi is a researcher with Frost & Sullivan. She can be reached at

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