A community that runs together prospers together – “Frost the Trail myMERCYrun 2017”, corporate charity run took place on Saturday 22 June 2017 at Kepong Botanical Garden, Kuala Lumpur. The early morning run showed more than a group of individuals striving for a common fitness goal and hobby – it was a collective effort to raise funds for MERCY Malaysia, an international non-governmental organization.

The event over the weekend highlighted the true humanity spirit as individuals from diverse backgrounds come together to run towards a common goal. The event was graced by the appearance of VIP guest of honor, Raja Permaisuri Perak, HRH Tuanku Zara Salim as well as notable local celebrities such as Mizz Nina, Noh Salleh, Terrence Dass, and Sasha Saidin; some even put on a show for the participants. It was truly the embodiment of community and together-ness, which is the essence of the charity run.

Unbothered by the early hours, participants began to gather at Kepong Botanical Garden at the crack of dawn and managed to finish the run by 9am. It was amazing to witness adults and children of all ages gear up to run and show their dedication and support towards raising funds for MERCY Malaysia in partnership with Frost & Sullivan. As a result, the charity run raised RM81 250!

The success of the event was a collective effort of all individuals involved from all parties involved and the spirit of FTT will continue FTT Singapore and Iskandar in August 2017. But it’s not the time to hang up our boots (or shall I say, running shoes?) just yet as Frost the Trail Singapore is only weeks away followed by Frost the Trail Iskandar. In case you miss out on the fun in Frost the Trail Kuala Lumpur, register now for Frost the Trail Singapore or Iskandar, or both!